Testimonial: Holistic Health

The Neuro Clinic - Holistic Health - Testimonial

Do you struggle to find a doctor who is able to help or resolve your symptoms?

So did Garrett. Learn how the functional medicine approach used at The Neuro Clinic improved his health and life.

Video Transcript:

I remember one-day l couldn’t pickup my kids. My kids were 1 and 3 at the time and I couldn’t pick them up, either one of them. I kneeled down to the floor and couldn’t get up. That was kind of a day that triggered like yeah there’s something wrong here. That’s not right. At that point located The Neuro Clinic and went from there and he diagnosed it immediately. After adjustments, I had pain relief the day I walked out of the office. The first day! I had seen acupuncturist, I had seen physical therapists, and I’d seen masseuse. Everyone kind of had their opinion, their temporary fix and once I came here [The Neuro Clinic] I, actually got a correct diagnosis with a correct fix. I had seen other chiropractors as well and everybody kind of seemed to force through it, where as his diagnosis was correct and I had relief immediately. [That] always lets you know you’re on the right path.

The physical ailment was one thing and then after finding out about other services they offered here, like the blood work and supplements and stuff like that; I went down that path to find all kinds of reasons why I wasn’t feeling up to par. Come to find out I had some allergies I didn’t know about. I had an autoimmune deficiency that was diagnosed and so that just led down this path and with all those changes, that’s all gone. It’s fantastic! I can workout at full length now. I’m not panting in the corner after the warm-up you know.

It’s been an awesome process because I can see the results. I can pick up my kids, [who] are now four and six, I can pick them up now. Both of them. I’m not bending down and going ‘is this gonna be a problem again?’ A lot of the elements are gone. Why more people aren’t here is beyond me. Like for how many people I run into that don’t know about The Neuro Clinic, I really think they’re missing out. The staff is great, the doctors great, service has been excellent, and the care has been unmatched.