Testimonial: Chronic Pain Relief

The Neuro Clinic - Chronic Pain Relief - Testimonial

Do You Suffer from Chronic Pain?

Have you lost hope of ever being free of that pain? Lori suffered debilitating chronic pain for over 20 years and found relief within 10 days at The Neuro Clinic. Hear her amazing story.

Video Transcript:

I had chronic pain starting from my right ear down my whole left arm. I used to have dreams of surgically removing it, it would hurt so bad, all the time. Morning, noon, night-time, chronic pain, for 20 years. I’d been to every kind of doctor there is. No matter how weird or strange it was, I did it. I never found any relief.

I mean, I kind of just went through the phone book and well ‘ok, I haven’t tried this kind yet’; let’s go see what they can do. And most of the time they just want to give you pills, or they think massage will take care of it, or I mean, there’s lots of techniques out there and every doctor has a different one. But I really have never found relief until I came to see Dr. Jon.

After this long a time, with this much pain, within 10 days, I started finding relief. 10 Days! I went bowling last week! I never, ever, thought I would be able to lift a bowling ball let alone actually play games of bowling. I can now carry a purse on my shoulder.

I’m actually, totally pain-free. Pain-Free! I don’t even take an aspirin anymore where I’ve been known to take 15 or 20 a day, along with pain pills. So, my life has changed humungously! If you want relief, go see Dr. Jon. If you want some pain relief go see Dr. Jon. Trust me I’ve tried everything out there. Every doctor, every psychiatrist, everything you can think of, just give it a try.