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We specialize in identifying the true cause of your symptoms and treating them naturally with chiropractic neurology and functional medicine.

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Your brain and nervous system play an important role in your health. These systems are responsible for movement, thought, learning, emotions, pain, digestions, organ function and more. Our goal is to restore function to the your body’s command center, which has the most impact on optimizing health and increasing your quality of life.

Dr. Chambers truly helps to get to the root cause of people ailments. He and his staff are compassionate and really want to help people live a healthy life.
Rebekah Bridgmon
Rebekah B.
15:26 03 Mar 20
Going in the hyperbaric chamber improved my health and well being exponentially!
Karri Gulbransen
Karri G.
15:26 18 Dec 19
I have been learning from and studying with Dr Chambers since 2014. He is an excellent clinician and a compassionate doctor. He has extremely high standards for himself and the type of diagnostic and therapy equipment he invests in to serve his patients. We have co-treated some severe autonomic dysregulation, brain injury, and neuropathy cases and have had some solid success. I am honored to be his colleague and so glad that I am able to tap into his knowledge and expertise to improve my personal health and to help me when I run into some difficult clinical cases.
Jason L. Smith
Jason L. S.
05:15 07 Nov 19
Dr Chambers is a doctor you can talk to and know he is listening to what you are saying, He will explain treatment and diagnosis in away you will understand . He takes the whole person into account not just one ache or pain and then explains how they all go together to be able to function properly So grateful to my friend for sharing him with me.
Carol Tucker
Carol T.
18:09 08 Oct 19
Dr. Chambers is amazing and extremely knowledgeable, took him 20 minutes to diagnose what my doctor still hadn't after 2 years. Cassie the massage therapist is incredible! Friendliest office staff you'll ever find. Heather, Melissa, and every single person who works there is wonderful!
catherine smith
catherine S.
02:23 04 Aug 19
Dr. Chambers is very knowledgeable about holistic health and has multiple therapies available. Our family has benefitted hugely from his care.
Naomi Phillips
Naomi P.
05:24 21 Jun 19

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