We specialize in identifying the true cause of your symptoms and treating them naturally with chiropractic neurology and functional medicine.

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Your brain and nervous system play an important role in your health. These systems are responsible for movement, thought, learning, emotions, pain, digestions, organ function and more. Our goal is to restore function to your body’s command center, which has the most impact on optimizing health and increasing your quality of life.

I have been under Dr. Chambers care since December of 2020, He has brought me incredibly far. Through diet, supplements and neuro therapies, I have made vast improvements and am feeling so much better than the mess I was six months ago. I look forward to continued improvement and will also be getting the rest of the family in to see him as well. I highly recommend Dr. Chambers. You won't be disappointed.
Kassie G.
Kassie G.
19:34 01 Jul 21
I’ve had the best experience working with Dr. Rob Ferrell! He really has upped my quality of life! I can’t even explain the life changes he has helped me with!I’ve lost over 35lbs in 4 months, just by cutting out food that I was allergic to (that I didn’t even know I was allergic to). I didn’t cut the amount of food I was eating, actually I increased the amount of food I consumed, but it was the type of food I was putting in. My energy levels were higher, my brain fog was gone, my body aches were gone, my depression decreased, and I was just over all so much better. This is a life style change, to give you better quality of life, not a quick fix diet scheme.My family, and anyone that has seen me before I started my journey, could tell the difference in my attitude, and by looking at me, how much I’ve improved, since working with Dr. Rob Ferrell! Thank you so much! I can’t promote you enough! The only reason I would say to not go to him, is so it’s easier for me to get it to see him 😂 Thank you so much for my better life!
Danielle A.
Danielle A.
20:13 25 Jun 21
Excellent doctor and staff who really care about getting to the root of the problems.
Total Life H.
Total Life H.
20:46 16 May 21
I had reached total despair and after a 5 day hospital stay and endless doctors and specialists. I was getting no answers and in such pain and so much anxiety. Trying to treat myself going to health food store asking questions someone said “you might want to try The Neuro Clinic. “ I was tired of going to all these different places but I decided to give it a try as the sales lady was so sweet and convincing and had nothing to gain from stearin me in another direction.Well it changed my life. Litterly. Extensive blood work, good diet and even better explanation of exactly what is going on with my illness. I feel so much better. Thank you.
Sanne S.
Sanne S.
16:45 23 Feb 21
I have had several health issues resolved by Dr Chambers including back alignment, mental health, digestive health, sleep quality, and hormone balancing. I would recommend him to anyone dealing with allergies, pain, mental trauma, or any other ailment because he has the knowledge to pinpoint and apply whatever treatment is needed.
Naomi P.
Naomi P.
15:02 10 Jun 20
Dr Chambers saved my mom's life. Everything was wrong with her-- almost all body symptoms affected and years of doctors couldn't figure it out. She was so miserable she very literally wanted to die.
Dr Chambers quickly figured out the problem and started a therapy which showed immediate improvement. Full recovery took 6 months as he predicted, but it was so wonderful to see the progression after years of suffering. Now my mom travels from Utah to see Dr Chambers.
Cambrie Groneman N.
Cambrie Groneman N.
15:11 29 May 20

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