We specialize in identifying the true cause of your symptoms and treating them naturally with chiropractic neurology and functional medicine.

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Your brain and nervous system play an important role in your health. These systems are responsible for movement, thought, learning, emotions, pain, digestions, organ function and more. Our goal is to restore function to your body’s command center, which has the most impact on optimizing health and increasing your quality of life.

I LOVE the Neuro Clinic! Dr. Chambers has been helping me get rid of migraines and thyroid issues and he is a fantastic dr., the world needs more like him! I had a migraine starting while I was at my appointment today and he performed his magic on the discs in my neck and it cleared right up! Seriously, I have never been more thankful. The staff is fantastic and they really help to restore health in this place!
alaina s
alaina s
Great clinic ! Awesome classes ! highly recommend! they get results if you are willing to cooperate.
Don T.
Don T.
For over a decade I suffered with severe depression, joint pain and skin issues; but then I found what I needed at The Neuro Clinic. I immediately started in May of 2020, thanks to Google.The doctor truly answered each and every question with the heart of a teacher... Dr. Chambers is not only educating and engaging but also entertaining. If I had to choose something to improve it would be more plants in the waiting room because they're just so lovely.. lol (JK). What I've experienced in the past two years is either my ailments are completely gone or extremely manageable. In all, filling my own cup has been absolutely worth it. So, if anyone is still on the fence, just experience it for yourself!P.S. The staff is ALWAYS the kindest.
Siobhán D.
Siobhán D.
Me and the kids were rear ended and Dr. Chambers and his wonderful staff helped us get better! Everyone is respectful and ready to help . From front office, to the assistants, to dr’s, we love them all! Thank you so much for your continued patience and care😊
M A.
M A.
Excellent doctor and staff who really care about getting to the root of the problems.
Total Life H.
Total Life H.
worth taking a moment to look into, your personal health and overall care of your body and brain is essential to living a long fulfilling life!
Tabitha K.
Tabitha K.

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