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Welcome to The Neuro Clinic

Our mantra is Care Above All Else. At The Neuro Clinic, you will recieve the best care delivered in a caring manner. Many of our patients have found relief from problems that numerous other practicitioners could not resolve.

Providing treatment is the pinnacle of medicine. As you care for someone else, you catch a glimpse into who they are. We create treatment plans tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Not every technique, treatment, or method below will benefit every patient but every patient will benefit from the treatment we prescribe.


Your First Visit

Your first visit will begin with a thorough neurologic exam that lasts approximately one hour. During this visit, our providers will evaluate your nervous system and any previous information you bring with you.

Following the exam, we will explain the findings and discuss treatment options. Together, you will develop a treatment plan that best suits your situation.

What To Bring:

  1. Previous test results, studies, images. Anything that you have previously done to address your health.
  2. Shorten your wait time by completing the New Patient Paperwork below before your visit.
    New Patient Paperwork
  3. Questions for Doctors.
  4. Method of Payment (see payment and insurance)

Subsequent Visits During Your Treatment Plan

The frequency and duration of your visits will be determined during your initial visit. Every condition is different, so there is not a one size fits all treatment plan. Visits are billed according to the rate established with your treatment plan.

During your visits, you will work through a therapy program and meet with a doctor to evaluate progress (though you may not meet with a doctor every visit). A minimum of 3-4 months of therapy are required to ensure lasting change, although some conditions may require a longer treatment period.


As nice as you may be, we don't want you to be a patient forever. We want you to get better and live an extraordinary life. That means not having to take time out of your week to visit our office.

That being said, many of our patients find it helpful to schedule an occasional follow up visit to make sure they are still on the the right track. It also helps them hold to their at home exercise commitments because they know they will be held accountable.  Follow up visits are entirely up to you but knowing human nature, we suggest that you schedule one a year at a minimum.  

Still Have Questions?

  1. Take A look at our Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. Send Us A Message

We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your visits to The Neuro Clinic. Please don't hesitate to let us know how we can improve your experience.

Payment and Insurance


We currently do not participate as in-network providers with any health insurance carriers. We have found, after many years of experience, that this is the simplest and least frustrating approach for our patients. Here is what this means for you:

Your payment will be due at the time of service. Contact your group or private insurance carrier to determine your alternative care benefit. In most circumstances, we will provide you with a super-bill which you can submit to your insurance carrier to be applied and reimbursed according to your plan benefits. 

We bill most auto insurances for Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA).


We accept cash, check, care credit, and most major credit cards. Prices are subject to change at anytime without notice.

What To Expect - Insurance and Payment - The Neuro Clinic

Success Stories

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Was very impressed with my first appointment. The staff was very professional and friendly. The testing procedure for brain function was informative and...
I LOVE the Neuro Clinic! Dr. Chambers has been helping me get rid of migraines and thyroid issues and he is a fantastic dr., the world needs more like him! I had a migraine starting while I was at my appointment today and he performed his magic on the discs in my neck and it cleared right up! Seriously, I have never been more thankful. The staff is fantastic and they really help to restore health in this place!
Great clinic ! Awesome classes ! highly recommend! they get results if you are willing to cooperate.
Response from the owner: Don,Thank you for your remarks. Health is an active process, and does require hard work a dedication, but is well worth the benefits.
Response from the owner: Ginny, thank you for voluntarily taking the time to give us a review. We are glad that we were able to provide you with 5 star care. Our mission is to provide the best care possible. So its nice to see that we are fulfilling our mission.
Me and the kids were rear ended and Dr. Chambers and his wonderful staff helped us get better! Everyone is respectful and ready to help . From front office, to the assistants, to dr’s, we love them all! Thank you so much for your continued patience and care😊
Response from the owner: Tilicia, you are most welcome! And a big thanks to you for giving us feedback on how well we are caring for individuals. We would love to care for more of your friends and loved ones. Referrals are the best compliment we could receive, because that shows that you really trust what we do to help people get well.
Excellent doctor and staff who really care about getting to the root of the problems.
Response from the owner: We are glad we have been able to make a positive difference in your quality of life.
worth taking a moment to look into, your personal health and overall care of your body and brain is essential to living a long fulfilling life!
I had reached total despair and after a 5 day hospital stay and endless doctors and specialists. I was getting no answers and in such pain and so much anxiety. Trying to treat myself going to health food store asking questions someone said “you might want to try The Neuro Clinic. “ I was tired of going to all these different places but I decided to give it a try as the sales lady was so sweet and convincing and had nothing to gain from stearin me in another direction.Well it changed my life. Litterly. Extensive blood work, good diet and even better explanation of exactly what is going on with my illness. I feel so much better. Thank you.
Response from the owner: Sanne, thank you for your comment. I hope that others out there are able to find hope from your comment and are able to get the help they are/have been looking for. It is very rewarding to us to see the life changes we are able to help others make to improve their quality of life.
Response from the owner: Roy thanks for your feedback. It seems we did not serve you as well as you had hoped for. We hope that we can do something to make sure that you get “5 star care”. Please reach out to us and let us know what we might be able to do better to meet or exceed your expectations.
Response from the owner: Thanks Nicky. Glad we were able to serve you well.
I have had several health issues resolved by Dr Chambers including back alignment, mental health, digestive health, sleep quality, and hormone balancing. I would recommend him to anyone dealing with allergies, pain, mental trauma, or any other ailment because he has the knowledge to pinpoint and apply whatever treatment is needed.
Response from the owner: Thank you for you comment. It is people like you that help our business grow, and allows us more opportunities to help many more individuals of our community regain their quality of life.
Dr Chambers saved my mom's life. Everything was wrong with her-- almost all body symptoms affected and years of doctors couldn't figure it out. She was so miserable she very literally wanted to die.
Dr Chambers quickly figured out the problem and started a therapy which showed immediate improvement. Full recovery took 6 months as he predicted, but it was so wonderful to see the progression after years of suffering. Now my mom travels from Utah to see Dr Chambers.
Dr. Chambers truly helps to get to the root cause of people ailments. He and his staff are compassionate and really want to help people live a healthy life.
Going in the hyperbaric chamber improved my health and well being exponentially!
Response from the owner: Hyperbaric treatment is pretty amazing! We are glad it helped you as well as it did.
I have been learning from and studying with Dr Chambers since 2014. He is an excellent clinician and a compassionate doctor. He has extremely high standards for himself and the type of diagnostic and therapy equipment he invests in to serve his patients. We have co-treated some severe autonomic dysregulation, brain injury, and neuropathy cases and have had some solid success. I am honored to be his colleague and so glad that I am able to tap into his knowledge and expertise to improve my personal health and to help me when I run into some difficult clinical cases.
Response from the owner: Dr. Smith, it is wonderful to have another doctor in the same field of patient care to give us such a good review. We must being doing something right. ;)
Dr Chambers is a doctor you can talk to and know he is listening to what you are saying, He will explain treatment and diagnosis in away you will understand . He takes the whole person into account not just one ache or pain and then explains how they all go together to be able to function properly So grateful to my friend for sharing him with me.
Dr. Chambers is amazing and extremely knowledgeable, took him 20 minutes to diagnose what my doctor still hadn't after 2 years. Cassie the massage therapist is incredible! Friendliest office staff you'll ever find. Heather, Melissa, and every single person who works there is wonderful!
Dr. Chambers is very knowledgeable about holistic health and has multiple therapies available. Our family has benefitted hugely from his care.
Dr Chambers literally saved my life. I have MS and I was experiencing non-stop symptoms. He found my celiacs disease and other food allergies. 18 months ago I was in the hospital and my organs were shutting down. Now I’m back at work and exercising. He is a little more expensive but how much would you pay to feel better?
πŸŒžπŸ‘πŸŒžπŸ‘Dr Chambers and his staff are awesome!! He is helping me with health issues that other doctors were unable to figure out. You may have to modify your diet either for a short time to heal your gut and get rid of inflammation or you may have to change your diet for the long run if you have autoimmune disease but at least you will have answers and a chance to change your life for the better. He is great at explaining all the hard stuff and reading blood tests, I found he noticed many things the other Drs missed. I am currently waiting for my Autoimmune test panels so we can get answers as to what foods I should avoid and although it can be hard to give up foods, it is much better than being sick and miserable. Thanks Doc!!
Response from the owner: We really appreciate the time you took to to write an honest review. The fact that you did so, with no incentive to do so, speaks volumes of how much of an impact we made to your quality of life. We hope your story will help others find the answers they are looking for. And we are delighted to see the difference we were able to make in your’s.
They are very accommodating!
Dr. Chambers has helped me get out of pain and has helped the brain fog I had go way. The staff are all wonderful too.
Dr. Chambers is very knowledgable and gave me a full detailed analysis. He then implemented a plan that was effective and supportive. I would reccomend him to anyone looking to improve their health and well being.
Dr Jon Chambers is very knowledgeable. He has definitely helped my husband and me in regards to nutrition and the best strategy for us to achieve optimal health. We would definitely refer him to our friends and family.
Update on my previous review. Dr. Chambers is very knowledgeable on Hashimoto’s and is guiding me to a healthy lifestyle to be able to move forward without all of the symptoms I’ve been suffering with. I’m 3 months in and my body is making good changes, things we didn’t think would happen for a few more months.
Dr. Chambers is awesome. I appreciate that he explains things that is easy to understand. I truly believe he cares about his patients overall well being. His staff is pretty amazing too.
Dr. Chambers and his crew have literally saved my life! He is a humble genius! His facilities are state if the art and comfortable even when you are going through hard times. Thank you Neuro Clinic!!!
Dr Jon Chambers is the most rounded educated Chiropractor of his type. He doesn’t guess about what might be happening with me, after repeatedly getting an adjustment for a particular area. Blood work ups are ordered, he then proceeds from there.His knowledge of holistic supplements along with what they can accomplish is very good.I’ve no doubts that I could’ve been hospitalized if he hadn’t ordered blood tests when he did.He’s even helped me to identify what foods I’m allergic to.No need to hestitate to make an appointment with him. He has a great staff as well, all working towards getting patients on the road to recovery from the standpoint of the whole body.
Answered questions and looked for root of health issues. Dr offered hope to solve long term problems others have not been able to address.
Dr Chambers and his staff very helpful and nice.
Dr Chambers was the first Dr who was able to finally tell me what's going on with me. He is very knowledgeable and was very thorough and explains everything to you. His staff is very nice.
Couldn’t be happier. Labs are improving. Feeling great! I know what foods to avoid. If you have mysterious health issues, go to this clinic and do their protocol, you just might be pleasantly surprised at the results.
I have never had a doctor be so compassionate and aware of what I have going on. After years of doctors making me feel like I am crazy and shoving pills down my throat, I finally feel hopeful I will be in less pain and feel better eventually.
Dr Chambers has changed my life! I am no longer on all of the harmful medications i was taking, due to his guidance for dietary change! He is very knowledgeable when it comes to autoimmune diseases and reading blood work!! I love that he gets blood work and uses that to guide your treatment. I have recommended to many of my friends with autoimmune problems to go see Dr. Chambers.
Dr. Chambers combines Neurology with Chiropractic care. He and his staff are professional and genuinely concerned with your health.
1pain. After just one visit I felt relief. Relief that lasted the whole day and into the next. Please, don't waste your time having someone omm**77
I definitely recommend Dr. Chambers to anyone who wants to improve their health. His knowledge of the body is thorough and he takes the time to get to the root of the problem and address the cause rather than treating symptoms.
I visited this establishment after a car accident while pregnant. With all the stress in my life at that time the treatments were both necessary and appreciated. Dr. Chambers is both personable and professional, staff was welcoming .
Results! I am happy that I was recommended Dr Chambers and his non-cracking Chiropractic care! His blood work and dietary plans are on par IMO also.
I started seeing Dr. Chambers when I couldn't get my other doctors to do anything. I'm glad I found him and can't thank him and the staff enough for just...
"Methaphor"a light bulb works on 50wtts...does mental brains work on milli vultis?
I waited to write this review until after I had seen the Dr. and been tested and treated for at least a month. I am a retired pro athlete, landscape...
Dr. Chambers is one of the most skilled clinicians I've ever worked with. His ability to combine his neurology and metabolic knowledge for each patient is unparalleled, and I would recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Chambers is a rare doctor among the many doctors and specialists we have these days. He aims to help the body heal itself. He does not treat the symptoms, but the person as a whole. I was really impressed with his ability to identify the underlying issues to my debilitating chronic pain so quickly. ALL the other doctors and specialists I saw over the years and the multitudes of tests I had done, never helped the doctors figure out what was wrong with me or how to help me. Dr. Chambers seemed to know what was wrong with me and how to help me. My health continues to improve everyday. Dr. Chambers has profoundly changed my life and my perspective on health!
Very happy with the results I've received so far. Very helpful and Dr. Chambers is extremely helpful
I've been going to Dr. Jon Chambers for months now and right from the start, he gave me hope. He discovered what my problems were stemmed from and took action. I highly recomend Dr. Chambers to anyone who needs expert care. God bless you, Dr. Chambers and thank you.
This office is unstoppable! This would be the second time in my life that i have had a long term ailment which no other office or care provider could put their finger on or much less provide me with a solution. Can't thank the Neuro Clinic and Dr. Chambers enough for their dedication to their patients' well being. I am happy to be a patient here for life.
Dr. Chambers was recommended to me as a chiropractor by a friend and co-worker. After completing a thorough questionnaire and examination, Dr. Chambers was quickly able to help my back pain as well as other muscle pain that I thought I would always have to endure. I expected to receive help with some back pain and numbness, however, I am thankful for the unexpected help he has given me with my overall health and mental concentration.
This clinic changed my life. At 61 years old I feel like 40.
Everyone here is so awesome! By far one of the best dr office experiences I've ever had. The staff is very friendly and understanding, and I've noticed fantastic changes from when I started coming in February. I recommend all of my family and friends to come here :D
I have been seeing Dr. Chambers since February after I was in a car accident. He is amazing! Not only has he helped me heal and deal with my injuries after the accident, but he has helped me heal myself from health issues I didn't even know how to diagnose.I recommend Dr. Chambers to everyone I know, and some I don't :)He has changed my life, and I am never looking back!Jessica,Grants Pass
I heard about Dr. Chambers from a friend that I work with who sees him. I made my appointment back in February and I could not be more impressed with this...
Honestly, I don't have anything negative to say about Dr. Jon Chambers. His motto is "Treating the whole person...naturally", but he will treat with...