Dr. Rob Ferrell, DC

Dr, Rob Ferrell D.C.

Dr. Robert A. Ferrell is an associate chiropractor at The Neuro Clinic. Dr. Ferrell was born in Grants Pass and lived in the area until moving to Spokane, WA at age 14. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology from BYU-Idaho in 2012 After graduation he returned to Grants Pass where he became acquainted with Dr. Jon Chambers, from whom he developed a passion for the type of alternative medicine that he practiced, and decided to change career paths.

Dr. Ferrell attended The University of Western States in Portland, Oregon and graduated in 2020 with a second bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and a Doctorate of Chiropractic. Dr. Ferrell now continues his education in functional medicine and functional neurology.

Dr. Ferrell treats patients of any age and with just about any condition, from musculoskeletal concerns, whiplash/concussion, autoimmunity, GI issues, to anxiety and more through chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue manipulation, rehab exercises, and nutritional counseling. If it’s not something that requires surgery, it’s likely something he can help you with.

Dr. Ferrell became interested in this field of work due to food sensitivities and autoimmune tendencies that he had discovered himself in his 20’s. He has come to appreciate good nutrition and other healthy living habits. He truly desires to help others discover and experience the amazing benefits of lifestyle changes.

When Dr. Ferrell is not in the clinic, he enjoys building all sorts of things, such as: building custom furniture, custom fabricating, and rebuilding cars. He also enjoys being outdoors, whether that is camping, riding ATVs on the sand dunes, or playing with his kids at the park. He was married in 2008 and currently has 3 darling girls.